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A Guide to Self-Love: Auckland


This 2 hour workshop is simply about providing you with tools, real-life stories, and support within a safe environment, to help you understand the necessity of loving yourself and teach you how to move up the self-love spectrum at your own pace.

I refer to it as a spectrum rather than a destination because I don’t believe self-love is something we arrive at and stay forever. It is something that we tend to move up and down from day to day, experience to experience. The problem is that people can live down the bottom end of the spectrum and often think it’s impossible to move up. The problem is that some beautiful humans don’t think they’re worthy of the work, that they belong at the bottom. Which is absolute bollocks in my opinion!

In this 2-hour workshop we will be covering the following:
– Giving ourselves permission to openly love our perfectly imperfect selves and simple tips to start implementing this sort of courage into our day.
– The state of our minds and how what we’re saying and thinking about ourselves and our environment ultimately creates our reality.
– Common areas that prevent or hinder the self-love process (comparison, failure, social media), and how to acknowledge and move past them.
– I’ll take you through the “Self-Love Smorgasbord” and offer you a range of different ways you can individualize and create your own version of self-love.
– How your insecurities and doubts are affecting your relationships, and what to do about it.
– Practical tools, homework, & perspectives to go away with and continue to use and grow.
– And of course, there will be Q&A throughout the 2 hours. I’ll also be taking any questions in prior to the 11th if you aren’t comfortable asking infront of everyone and would like to remain anonymous, just send those through to me.

What do I need to bring?
-       Journal and Pen (not just any old one that you’ve written in, a journal that you will continue to work on your self-development, a journal that gets you excites).
-       A yoga mat (for comfort)
-       Wear clothes you feel comfortable sitting down in
-       Water and snacks

$35NZD. Once you fill out the form, I'll send you payment details and you're good to go!!

Biz Dojo Parnell (Level 4, 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland)

May 8th, from 6:30-9pm (Tuesday).

Any questions, please send them to Don’t forget to follow on the gram @courtneydurr @bodylovenz xx

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