Concession Pass


10, 9, 8, 7...

Concession Passes are used at your leisure. They decrease in price per session but not in quality. With the 10 pass option, you can choose to come once a week, once a fortnight, or three times a week. The option is yours.

A great choice for those with sporadic timetables and also for those who know they will use the 10 pass, so might as well save the moolah while they're at it!

Courtney wants the best for you and wants to make sure that you have the confidence and guidance to work towards your fitness goals, not only in her sessions but throughout the week as well. Which is why she offers free training programs for her regular clients.

Peak Times - Before 8am and after 4:30pm.

10 Pass for $600 in peak times, $60 per session (45 minutes), payment options available.

10 Pass for $500 in off-peak times, $50 per session (45 minutes), payment options available.

5 Pass for $200 (or $175 OP). $40 per 45 min session.