Colleague Camaraderie 


Team spirit y'all.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen the team environment, increase productivity, and emphasise the importance of physical and mental wellness – this could just be the remedy!

The corporate bootcamps are for any age, gender, and physical capabilities and are designed just for your workplace. Equal focus on physical health and mental health – offering everyone practical takeaway tools to improve happiness and decrease stress levels. Running in 6 weeks blocks, training twice a week, with fitness tests at the beginning and end. No equipment required so I can run the sessions outdoors near your workplace (or even better if you have a space at work I can run them there).

Choose from 12:30-1:15pm or 1:30-2:15pm on both Tuesday and Thursdays at your location of choice (has to be in the Wellington CBD).

Enquire below to sign your team up or find out more information.


What is the price for a 6 week block?

Is it for both men and women?
Sure is! 

Are we able to work together to create a programme or is it fixed?
Yes. I want to provide you with the outcome you want for your team. Whether it is a greater focus on mental health, team camaraderie, or physical wellness and education, we can discuss and plan prior to the six weeks starting. Or alternatively, if you have enough on your plate, I will plan it out myself.

When would the start date for the 6 weeks be?
Whenever you decide!

What would the maximum numbers be? 
This would be dependant on the space and access to trainers. I can run a group of 30 people safely, if there would be more then I would recruit another trainer on board. 

What would be the expected commitment from the staff?
It is completely up to them how many sessions they come to over the six weeks. I will run every session whether there's 30 people or 2 people. I will keep track of who shows up and can report back if required.