Take a risk on a life you love.

Since leaving my job I've had people say to me, "wow, you must be doing pretty well to leave your job" and then continue on to ask me about my plans of where I will take my business. The thing I want everyone to know is that I didn't leave my job because I was financially and emotionally comfortable to do so and I didn't leave my job because I had a structured plan to follow. Quite the opposite really.

I left the security and comfort of my job because of intuition. Listening to your intuition requires a great deal of faith and courage. I had to have faith that even through the initial hardship and obstacles, I was creating a better life for myself and for others.

I left not to make more money but to create more space for opportunity, for magic. If you're full to the brim then you don't allow for anymore magic into your life. You have to constantly reevaluate what's important in your life, what's serving you and, in order to create space, you have to get rid of what isn't.

So yes I am scared and yes I understand that I will face a lot of challenges but I'm up for it! My purpose is bigger than me and that is what motivates me to continue. Quitting is not an option, in my eyes quitting would be selfish. I always have to think about the bigger picture!

Would you be okay being where you are today in five years? If not, maybe it's time to do some reevaluating; maybe it's time to take a risk for happiness, for a life you love.