Real Women Inspiring Real Women #3

Cece is a true go getter. This girl exudes happiness and health through her smile and love of nature. Thank you so much chicky for always being positive and lifting the energy when it is low! You are amazing!!

Hey! My name is Cecelia, I am 23 years old and currently studying Outdoor Adventure to fulfil my dream of working in the outdoors :)

What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

There are so many things that make a woman beautiful. For me the most striking and beautiful qualities are self acceptance and an innate happiness with life.

This may be because these are things that I have struggled with and as I have become more accepting of myself (flaws and all), I have found myself less worried about my appearance and more focused on enriching my soul with experiences. This has lead to a much happier life :) 

If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?

It would be the way humans treat the natural environment. We need to realise that we are part of this ecosystem, not it's owners. There are a lot of positive changes happening already but I would love to do a system reset on the corporations and politics of the world, putting environmental care at the center of the agenda.

What is one thing you have struggled with in the past year? What helped you when you were struggling?

In the past year I struggled with finishing my honors year at university. I hated spending all my days inside at a desk, I was going insane from the constant pressure and all the reading and writing. I was lacking any sort of creative outlet, had lost touch with nature in a major way and was not near as social as I had been in previous years.  To be completely honest it was Body Love Blueprint that helped me get through it. Courtney's amazingly positive attitude, the other women in the group and our body smashing workouts always made me feel better. I would leave each session feeling stronger, both physically and mentally. I needed that strength to get through writing my dissertation and all the long days at the library. 

On a larger scale, Body Love also helped me make the decision to leave the academic, desk-centered world and follow my dream of working in the outdoors. Each week I saw how happy Courtney was as she followed her dreams and lived out her passion. Comparing this to how I felt looking for corporate jobs it was clear that I could not continue on that path. I knew that happiness was out there waiting for me and all I had to do was muster up the courage to reach for it!

How do you relax and take time out when your world gets hectic?

I love taking long runs/walks in the bush, it always makes me feel better to get outside, exercise and get my mind off things.

What’s your favourite quote?

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment not the flower." Alexander Den Heijer

I love this quote because so many girls and woman spend their entire life trying to 'fix' themselves but this is ridiculous! We are all already perfect just as we are! It is the toxic environment that surrounds us; social media, celebrities, movies, advertisements etc, that needs fixing. The false images that these outlets portray put so much pressure on women to look and act a certain way that we are all trying to fit into a box far to small. We need to embrace our differences; they are the beautiful things that make us individuals.