Body Love takes on Auckland. Eeeeek!

Last week, Court and I flew to Auckland to run our very first Body Love NZ workshop in the big smoke, with a whopping four ladies signed up the week leading up to us leaving, you could only imagine our concern as to how we were going to accomodate such a large group! Insert positivity, faith, and the manifestation master aka Courtney Durr, and you have yourselves a near sold out workshop the day of, a total of 22 ladies. Choosing to fly Jet Star meant we were up, and at the airport five hours before our domestic flight to ensure they couldn't come up with a reason to not allow us to board, additionally, between you and I, I carried on 7.4kg of carry on luggage, AND a back pack, who's laughing now Jet Star, that'll teach ya for leaving me in Auckland that time.  I’m sorry, Jet Star, you were actually great, this time. 


As we laughed at each others faces and sung to pass the exhausting 50 minute flight Courtney very proudly ripped her boarding pass into a million pieces as we were landing, this decision denied Court her SkyBus discount on arrival. $1 extra later, we were sitting pretty on that public transport, dreaming of the day someone holds a sign for us at the airport, “free donuts” haha I’m sitting here laughing so hard at that, so great, no what I meant was “Body Love NZ” and then leads us to our black, four door Jeep Wrangler *dream car*. Alas, we spent the next six hours pretending like we were ace Aucklanders, drinking coffee, ordering granola bowls and hop’n on and off city link buses. Three buses later and we were no nearer to our destination, “I wonder which way Parnell is?” I say to Courtney, trying to at least figure out which side of the road we want to be on. “Parnell is that way” chimes in a man from behind, amazing! “Oh thank you, do you know which bus we take to get there?”, “Oh mate, don't ask me for directions, I ain’t from around here” he replies. Cool. I guess he had good intentions to start with. Cracking under the responsibility I succumbed to ordering us an Uber ride, $6.20 and 7 minutes later we were there, cheers Rusole, you're a lad. 

4pm and we were greeted by the lovely Jess at the Parnell Biz Dojo, the space that would host the evenings 'Intention X Action' workshop. What a space!! The outside balcony was laced with sensational fake grass and sported mini golf, darts, and plenty of el fresco dining space! The next hour then consisted of me trying to "decorate" our booked room with all of our pretty things I had packed 70% of my carry-on luggage space with; pink rugs, gold tapestry, blue mandalas. Alas the newly laid carpet wasn’t having it, combining a stunning mix of blood red and grey, our decor was very unwelcome. ‘A blank canvas is good for creativity’ At least thats what I told myself when we had hardly any clothes to wearthat weekend because more than three pairs of undies was a luxury I just couldn't afford with my 7kg luggage limit #balln

So rewind to that previous week where I ask Court how many we are catering for, “four” she replies, “yeah how many for” I say again, “four!”. Oh, I see where this is going. I could have catered it myself at this stage, "let's aim for 20" I said to Court, her relentless optimism rubbing off on me. We ended the evening on Thursday with 22 guests, and a delicious selection of 'Fresh to Go' salads, veg sticks, and dark chocolate, YUM. The workshop went off without a hitch, was enjoyed by all, and made us crazy for more! Hence the launch of the Wellington version as soon as we got back (get excited lasses!).

Our awesome Auckland Intention x Action workshop ladies x

Our awesome Auckland Intention x Action workshop ladies x

Friday was our day off to sweat, explore, and chill, starting the morning with a lush breakfast at ‘Big Sur’ cafe in Grey Lynn accompanied by some of our lovely Auckland Lemons who introduced us to The Movement Lab (@movementlab). I'm not much of a "yogi" but @abbyleebony ’s class was so great! It definitely gave me a new appreciation for yoga, mainly because Abbylee massaged my head at some point in the meditation, apparently she did this to everyone, but I think they were just jealous. Here, we were lucky enough to be joined by Jane from @yogaconnection, Buffy from @organics, and our biz queen mentor Mak @makaiacarr, what a fun bunch of gals #squadgoals hahaha I’m so lame. Our day continued with a hilarious dose of Fifty Shades Darker featuring sing alongs to the sweet top 10 songs it included, as well as some shout outs to the beautiful man that stars in this film, does anyone else get giddy over guys in white dress shirts?! 

Top of this days hit list, however, was our mate Lucy from @mondyhustle, Luce had a freak accident last year and snapped her archilles, since then Luce has been through the ringer with a heap of complications that have tested her happy-go-lucky spirits. So when nothing is going right, you go left…into the Warehouse, and buy stick on mo’s from the clearance bin in a bid to bring on a lol. So great to see you Lucy, you are a rockstar, and we love you!

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Saturday appeared, and after the manifestation master aka Courtney Durr worked her magic on the weather, we rolled out our second Auckland bootcamp! Job well done lasses, couldn’t have done it without all your support (yes you, reader!). These awesome ladies came with big smiles, ready to take on whatever we had coming there way, we had some new faces which is always so cool to see, and we had some familiar faces from the workshop. A cute wee partner workout had everyone sufficiently sweating and starving! If anybody visits Auckland regularly (or not) Odettes was so frickn cool! Its like a Body Love dream in there, a mix of stunning blues, natural woods, and beautiful soft furnishings, and more importantly the food was SO good, I had this amazing herb scramble with greens on a hand made nut loaf, oh oh, and tea, @stormandindia make such great tea if you're a tea freak like me, I was able to try their coconut chai, dreamy. Life was great in this moment, I love how happy tea makes me feel.

With a quick pit stop at Megs place for a catch up and impromptu single release, ‘Sorry ‘bout your brollay’ was put together by myself and Courtney after we felt bad for losing my cousins umbrella the day before, keep an eye out for it on iTunes team, its bound to go viral. P.s. don't keep an eye out for it, its not on iTunes, it’s constructed with horrific grammar and the words change every time we sing it. Do, however, keep an eye on on Instagram stories for future hits, it seems to be a common occurrence these days, ‘Positive pants’ was one of my personal faves.

Just like that our Auckland adventure was over, and with the exciting prospect of a free cookie and a Koru magazine, that must have meant only one thing! Air New Zealand, take us home, friend! Boarding this flight, I sat back in my chair and couldn't help smiling, following your dreams really does wonders for the soul, with my nuggie by my side we took to the skies, a little more tired than before, but a lot fuller in experiences. What a heart felt reflection, Abs. On a more exciting note, the air hostess gave us each two cookies, because we smiled super hard at her. Not really, we made a joke about having everyones cookie that declined theres. Pretty sure that would have been more than two, but hey we will let it slide. Arriving back to find my 2005 Holden Barina in one piece was also ace, Strathmoore, thanks for not slashing my tyres, you’re actually pretty cool. 

Lots of love, 
Abs x