Skin Self-Love

When I think about self-love, I think about moving and nourishing my body, affirmations, gratitude, mindfulness, and surrounding myself with those that make me feel good. When I think about it, I am NAILING self-love.

Then, about a month ago, I was approached by a well-known company – Ultraceuticals. They invited me to be apart of their skincare RVR90™ programme (Real Visible Results in 90 days). It made me realize that, whilst so many areas of my life had been treated with love, my skin was not one of them. I had no skincare routine. I would use make-up wipes and occasionally do a face mask – but that was it. I felt uneducated and ashamed of my skincare but never did anything about it.

But as stoked as I was to have been asked to work alongside Ultraceuticals and as much as I craved healthier skin, I still had to do my research on the company and the products to make sure that I not only believed in the product but also felt that they aligned with my personal values and with Body Love NZ's values.

After doing my online research and asking friends and family about the products, here's what I discovered:
– Ultraceuticals has been accredited as 100% cruelty-free. All of their skincare products are done without having to test on animals (hallelujah!).
– Ultraceuticals products don't contain harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances.
– The company is founded and built by Dr. Herber and a team of international chemists, with the primary goal of creating potent, effective and affordable cosmeceutical products.
– Anybody who I talked to about the products with, genuinely raved about them and recommended using them.

Natural. Cruelty-free. Driven by purpose. Affordable. Safe to say, I was sold.

Over the next 3-months, I will be working with the NZ Ultraceuticals team, the Buoy Salon and Spa team, and will be looked after Kelly Francis, to give my skin the love it has been so desperately missing. Last year Kelly and Buoy were the RVR90 2017 Australasian Winners (an annual competition with Ultraceuticals showcasing real-life skin results and improvements). So to say I feel blessed is a MASSIVE understatement.

So what's happened so far?

I'm at the beginning of my journey – not quite 3 weeks into the journey and not quite 2 weeks into using the products. I've been in for my initial consult where I went through a skin health check to assess the current condition of my skin so that Kelly could ensure I was given a personalized treatment plan suitable for me. I feel so excited to be working with such a passionate and knowledgeable woman. She taught me about the importance of sunblock (even if you don't think your skin will be exposed to the sun), she explained what pigmentation looks like and how to help prevent it, and she talked about the importance of using hydrating products, especially if you've got oily skin.

I found education around the importance of skin care and creating a routine so beneficial because if I'm going to commit to something I need to understand why.

Buoy Skin Health Check TRUE UV RVR90 Courtney Durr.jpg
Buoy Skin Health Check OBSERV COMPLEXION RVR90 Courtney Durr.jpg
Buoy Skin Health Check OBSERV PARALLEL POL RVR90 Courtney Durr.jpg

I've also had two facials (I have these every 2 weeks), which not only are an in-depth skin treatment, they are also precious hour-long sessions where I feel pampered and relaxed. Perfect to slot in the middle of my crazy days. Doing my best not to get used to this lavish living!! *heart eyes*

The products I will be using and why:

PM (in order of when I use them):
Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser - I use this twice at night, cleans off makeup and all the ickies on and under my skins.
– Ultra Clear Purifying Mask - I only use this 3 x a week. I either leave it on for 20 minutes if I need a more powerful treatment I leave it on overnight. Super lightweight, clears the skin and makes it feel super silky smooth. *Not necessary but a beautiful treat for your skin*
Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion - What's going to help the most with clearing acne and to reduce redness. *Not necessary but a beautiful treat for your skin*
Ultra Hydrating Lotion - A lightweight moisturizer that hydrates the skin (pretty obvious haha).
Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream - Moisturising the area around your eyes where it is more delicate and prone to visible signs of aging. Nothing wrong with the beauty of aging but if I can hydrate my skin better then that's the most important thing for me.
Ultra Clear Spot Treatment - Fast acting spot reducer. Gold!

AM (in order of when I use them):
– Cleanse.
– Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying - Lightweight sunblock that I use under makeup. I have the mattifying one which is awesome for my oily skin.
– Moisturising eye cream.

How's the skin feeling so far?

Kelly mentioned that when first starting a skincare routine, especially if you're not used to it, your skin will probably get worse before it gets better. So currently, the products are doing a great job of getting rid of the yuckies (I'm sure there's a technical term for that haha) underneath the skin's surface, but at this point not a great job of building self-confidence!

I'm feeling empowered by creating positive habits each morning and night. Even getting home from a big night out and still making the time and effort to look after my skin, which feels great waking up the next morning feeling fresher and pillow remaining white haha.

See images below and check out my starting points and the wonderful skincare range that has been carefully labelled so rookies like me don't get confused haha.

And the image below is a clear indication that these products are already working for me!! I have such a red complexion and a lot of congestion (not visible in photos as it lies under the skin) and since hydrating and cleansing every day and night (literally without fail), my skin is glowing and faaarrrr less red. Hallelujah!!!

Skin Photos 14days.jpg


That's all the updates I've got for you guys now. I will continue to give my honest opinions and show honest photos and progress throughout the journey. Follow along @courtneydurr and @bodylovenz for live updates and more posts.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

With love,
Courts xx