My Skin Journey

I want to start this blog post by just explaining that I am no expert on skin or hormones or anything like that. I am not telling you to go out now and purchase this skin care without doing the proper research or talking to experts. You need to be wary, not of influencers, but of being so impressionable without taking into fact how different we all are. What works for me and my body and my lifestyle, may not work for yours. This blog post and these last 3 months have been a personal journey for me, one that I am publically and honestly sharing.

So with that being said, let’s begin.

When I first got the e-mail to collaborate with Ultraceuticals and take part in their RVR90™  2018 program, I was hella excited! I had never shown my skin love or attention and I certainly had never invested time or money into it. My answer was of course yes!! I wanted to improve my skin and get rid of acne so I could rock the flawless, “no filter” and no make-up needed, skin.

3 months later, yes I feel I have got that to a large extent, but actually what I got out of this process was so much more. What comes to mind is the Chinese proverb, ““You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” And genuinely, that is what I feel like I have received. I’ve been given the education on how to look after my skin and why it’s so gosh darn important. On top of that I have been taught that good skin isn’t simply about whether or not you have pimples, there’s so many other things that are involved with healthy skin. Hydration, pigmentation, cleanliness, hormones, pores, sensitivity, scarring to name a few.

Working with Kelly at Buoy Salon and Spa, Wellington was bloody awesome! She is very knowledgeable and is so obviously passionate about skin. I was told in the beginning that I had to stick to this 100%, my morning and night rituals had to happen and become a habit. I was nervous about this because I’m not too fussed on routine and I would come home late so many nights of the week absolutely shattered and just want to crawl into bed, but of course I didn’t want to let the amazing team down, so I promised them. And I’m so proud to say that I have 99% stuck to it (the 1% is the few times my forgetfulness came into play and I left the main products in the gym shower haha aaaanyway).

In the beginning something that I’m kind of embarrassed to share but feel I should, is the fact that I would constantly touch my face. I would pick at it subconsciously and habitually, and would always give into the temptation of squeezing pimples (I’m grossed out just writing this haha). So for the first two sessions with Kelly when I would go in for the fortnightly facial she would see this and give me the stern, but loving, word of why touching your skin is not only bad for creating scarring but also the potential lack of cleanliness of doing so was only going to create more acne. My common sense knew this but it took really understanding how bad it was for me, to stop. I’m not completely over this but omg I am sooooo much more conscious and controlled now. So if y’all don’t want scarring and more pimples, staaahhhp picking!!

So how was the actual skin care?

So. Good. The actual morning and evening routine is now engrained in me. It has become a habit and I feel so god damn empowered doing so! As soon as I finish a gym sesh in the early mornings, I’m straight to the bathroom with the cleanser, cleaning off all the sweat and gym dirt, when in the past I would let it dry and sink in not actually thinking about the effects. The products felt so light and natural. It would honestly leave my skin glowing. Not to mention how beautiful it smelt *heart eyes*.

Here’s a reminder of what I used (the ones in bold are my mains):

AM (in order of when I use them):
Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser
Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum
Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser
SPF 30 Mattifying - Lightweight sunblock that I use under makeup. I have the mattifying one which is awesome for my oily skin.
– Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream.

PM (in order of when I use them):
Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser - I use this twice at night, cleans off makeup and all the ickies on and under my skins.
Ultra Clear Purifying Mask - I only use this 3 x a week. I either leave it on for 20 minutes if I need a more powerful treatment I leave it on overnight. Super lightweight, clears the skin and makes it feel super silky smooth. *Not necessary but a beautiful treat for your skin*
Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion - What's going to help the most with clearing acne and to reduce redness. *Not necessary but a beautiful treat for your skin*
– Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum
Ultra Hydrating Lotion - A lightweight moisturiser that hydrates the skin (pretty obvious haha).

Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream - Moisturising the area around your eyes where it is more delicate and prone to visible signs of aging. Nothing wrong with the beauty of aging but if I can hydrate my skin better then that's the most important thing for me.
Ultra Clear Spot Treatment - Fast acting spot reducer. Gold!

Through this process, my skin went on a fun lil rollercoaster. This was carefully explained to me that it was because of the products doing their job of bringing all the yuckies to the surface (better out than in am I right?!). Another factor that was huge for me was hormones. During this process, I have learnt that where I break out (jawline mainly) is to do with hormones and the pimples are more of a cyst and can be quite sore. It was because of focusing on my skin that I wanted to deal with my unbalanced hormones (but that’s a post for another time). And when my skin broke out along my jawline this really wasn’t something that I could currently control happening but I could certainly decrease the after effects and how long they stuck around (thank you Ultra Clear Spot Treatment!!) Below is some very real photos and some very real progress!!!    


So as this journey comes to an end, my routines and knowledge around skin-love do not. So the question is, would I pay for the product and continue using it? 100% YES. I do not plan on stopping anytime soon!!!

So where to for you? Well, I’d recommend heading to the Ultraceuticals website to read up on their products and values, then book yourself in for a skincare check. For my RVR90 journey, I worked with the team at Buoy Salon and Spa in Wellington, and honestly, I just have to give Buoy a special shout out. Every. Single. Time I went in for my facial or to ask questions, no matter who was on reception I was ALWAYS greeted with so much love. They made me feel like I was their fave customer even though I wasn’t coming in specifically to see them.

One big fat hug to the team at Ultraceuticals, Buoy Salon and Spa, and Kelly for giving me this opportunity. You’re changing the game and I feel so proud to have been a part of it all.

All my love,
Courts xx

Ultraceuticals RVR90™: On the RVR90™ program, an Ultraceuticals Skin Technician will work with you over 90 days to develop a home and in-clinic treatment plan that will transform your skin and ensure Real Visible Results. To start your RVR90™ journey head over to the Ultraceuticals website.