My name's Courtney Durr. I'm a 24 year old entrepreneur living in Wellington, NZ, with big dreams.

But I haven't always been a dreamer, I haven't always wanted to help others. In fact, I used to be selfish and shallow and care only about the way I looked and whether other people liked me or not. I was hugely involved in the gym scene and worked as a personal trainer for 3 years. My perception of my beauty was based on what number was on the scales and if I had abs or not. I had a strict food plan to follow, which if I didn't stick to it 100% I felt like a failure, and the only time I wasn't training like a maniac was when I was injured (which was way too often). 

I was constantly dissatisfied with the way I looked. I compared myself to other women and their seemingly perfect life and bodies. Happiness was always out of reach. On the outside, I seemed fit and healthy but I knew the truth. And I hid the truth until I realised I wasn't alone. My clients were going through these same emotions, these feelings of unworthiness and I was responsible. I was following the way personal trainers were running their business - fit test, body composition, body fat, scales, diets, punishments. Gyms were a place of competition instead of health. Social media was destructive instead of empowering. And what a women's body looked like was more important than what she did with her body.

But, little did I know, I had the power inside of me to change the stereotype, to redefine health and beauty. To broaden society's view.

In 2014 I trained for 7 months and completed my first half ironman. I forgot about calories and focused on fuel for my body to perform. I slept more and exercised smarter. Everyday I had a purpose to work towards, to live for. It was no longer about what my body looked like but the things my body was capable of achieving. As I stepped over that finish line in December 2014, I transitioned in to a stronger minded and driven self. I reflected on my life changing year and I thought to myself, I can do this for my clients. I can help them make that same transition.

So from that moment I made the decision not to weigh any of my clients. This decision was welcomed and it was the inspiration that started the Body Love Blueprint. Fast forward to today and the Blueprint has grown in ways I couldn't have imagined, and I have grown with it. So take it from me - wherever you are in life right now, know that you have that same power inside of you to change the world. All it takes is belief and action. Believe in what you stand for, know your values, and be courageous in the pursuit.

Love Courts x