One on One


The juicy details..

Courtney has had 5 years experience running bootcamps, training one on one and running small groups at Les Mills, and coaching weekly CrossFit classes at TOA CrossFit.

Her ethos around training and well-being is "exercise and eat well because you love your body, not because you hate it". Through personal experience and stories from clients, Courtney realises how detrimental fear and guilt-inspired training can be on women's overall well-being. She wants to provide a safe, un-intimidating, and holistically healthy environment to work out in.

Now running sessions out of a small studio on the terrace with access to all necessary equipment, you can ensure you will get the attention, love, and privacy needed to achieve your goals.

Peak Times - Before 8am and after 4:30pm.

45 minutes for $70 in peak times.

45 minutes for $60 in off-peak times.


Buy more, save more.

Concession Passes are used at your leisure. They decrease in price per session but not in quality. With the 10 pass option, you can choose to come once a week, once a fortnight, or three times a week. The option is yours.

A great choice for those with sporadic timetables and also for those who know they will use the 10 pass, so might as well save the moolah while they're at it!

10 Passes can be paid in a maximum of 3 payments, two weeks apart.

Peak Times - Before 8am and after 4:30pm.

10 Pass for $600 in peak times, $60 per session (45 minutes).

10 Pass for $500 in off peak times, $50 per session (45 minutes).