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Self-Love Workshop 2.0

For the very first time, Body Love NZ brings you the Self Love Workshop 2.0!!

2 and a half hours was not enough time to dig deep into all things self-love in SLW 1.0, and I didn’t even want to attempt to fit it all in. This is not supposed to be a quick fix. It’s not comfortable. It’s not easy. It’s not going to happen in 2 and a half hours. But with consistent, compassionate, courageous action – you can uncover and believe what was always within you.

In this workshop you can expect to:
-       Learn about your identity. How you see yourself, how it influences your habits and thoughts, and how you can redesign it to serve you.

-       Learn more about forgiveness and why releasing yourself from the chains of resent and regret (both towards yourself and others that have hurt you in the past) is essential in order to get closer to your greatest self.

-       Learn about emotional agility and self-acceptance, baby. Allowing ourselves to experience and accept all emotions without labelling ourselves weak, annoying, fragile, and any of those other unhelpful names.

-       Learn how to literally face your fears. Fears are our friend – they remind us of what's important, they keep us alive, they prepare us – but they can also be paralysing if we let them run the show. Learn how to reclaim your power.

-       Design a health plan catered to your individual priorities. Mindfulness, gratitude, movement, nourishment all being taken into account.

-       Get out of your comfort zone. Just like SLW 1.0, nothing is compulsory. You can come along and just observe and I’m more than okay with that. However, like the saying goes, the more you put in the more you get out. I will provide everybody with the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone so that you can make some long-lasting change.

-       Make friends. This is what it’s truly about. Connecting with women who want to have conversations about more than which celebrity is dating who or what Love Island contestant is the best (although these are all great to yarn about from now and then, am I right). Connecting with people who wanna do the things, bare their souls, celebrate and not compare!! These are your people and this workshop is where you meet them. I will book a table for late lunch afterwards for anyone that is keen to grab some kai together :)


So if this sounds like a bitta you, sign the heck up! This will be more personal with only 20 spaces available. Please note that SLW 2.0 is only available to those who have done SLW 1.0.

Price: $55 ($75 for both 1.0 and 2.0)
Location: Power Living NZ (15 Johnston Street, Wellington, 6011)
When: Sunday 26th August from 12-2:30pm.

If you want a weekend full of self-love immersion, check out Self-Love 1.0 held on the 25th of August (the previous day) at the same time. If you purchase both you get a 20% discount.

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