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A guide to Self-Love: Wellington

The way someone feels about themselves affects everything around them. If we are not happy in ourselves, then it is impossible to bring our best self to work, to our home, to anywhere really. By prioritising inner work, we create a positive ripple effect to every crevice of our life. 

Whether you are beginning your self-love journey or have been on this road for a while, this workshop can help you.

The workshop involves:

– Exploring negative and habitual thoughts, why it's affecting your contentment and progression (in work and in your everyday life), and practical tools to replace them with beneficial thoughts.
– Common areas that prevent or hinder the self-love process (comparison, failure, social media), and how to acknowledge and move past them.
– The Self-Love Hierarchy. A structure designed to break down different areas of loving and accepting yourself into more achievable steps.
– How your insecurities and doubts are affecting your relationships and confidence, and what to do about it.
– Practical tools, homework, & perspectives to go away with and continue to use and grow.

Price: $35
Location: Level 2, Anvil House Building
When: Thursday 28th June from 6-8:30pm.

There will only be 30 spaces available.

There's been a few ladies that haven't been able to register due to an error on the website, I have no idea why some people are getting through and others aren't but if you are having that problem then just fire through an e-mail to courtneydurr.pt@gmail.com with your full name, age, and any other queries and I'll sort ya out.

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